Though some juicers have parts that are relatively easier to remember and identify, there are also parts that are so small in detail but must never be neglected in function and purpose. Let us identify each and discuss why they are important parts of your juicers and other kitchen appliances.

Juicing Gears and How They Work

Aside from the gross parts that we have identified before, such as the main body with the powering mechanism and the connecting junction, we have not discussed what the specific parts are found in the juicing arm of the device. Here they are in detailed meaning:

Hopper, Guide and Drum

The three main parts of the Gear Connecting Zone. The hopper is an accessory that serves as a holding tray for the produce before they are fed into the grinding chute. The Guide is the cylindrical attachment from mouth to juicer that holds the Feeding Tube in place, and the Drum is the hollow space where the screw is found.

Screw or Auger

The attachment that holds the juicing and mincing strainer, drum cap and nozzles in place. It revolves in a helical manner, adding traction to the masticating mechanism of common juicers.

Juicing Strainer

This serves as a sifting mechanism to keep other particles that cannot be grinded from coming into contact with the juice as expected outcome.

Mincing Strainer

This serves as the sifter for mincing products such as garlic and onion. This accessory is commonly found if the juicer has a food processing mechanism in partner.

Drum Cap

This holds the different types of nozzle that comes with the juicing and food processing function of the device.

Different Types of Nozzles

• Juicing Nozzle – a basic unit of a juicer, it expels the juice from food and other produce with the exception of particles that cannot be grinded into finer particles.
• Mincing Nozzle – the nozzle used for mincing ingredients; this is included in the package if the juicer has a food processor function.
• Round Nozzle – another part of the food processor, the Round Nozzle can be used as a home-made pasta maker for spaghetti recipes.
• Flat Nozzle – also called a “Noodle Nozzle”, this part can be used as a noodle and fettuccini maker and is included in food processor package.

Additional Accessories for a Juicer
Feeding Tube with Different-Sized Ends
This type of feeding tube is commonly included on a food processor combo. One end is narrow that can be used for juicing produce; the other is wide for mincing purposes.


Sifts through particles that were not grinded properly including seeds for fruits.

Plastic Containers or Collection Bowls

Serve as a temporary storage for juice, minced ingredients and the like.

Cleaning Brush

To take care of the aftermaths of an efficient juicing job, this can be used to scrape off debris from the augers and keep them in clean state.

The specific parts can be helpful in order to identify if you will need just a juicing function, or if you want an all-around device to keep at home. Knowing how these parts work are definitely helpful because in case of loss, repair and replacement of specific gears, you may impress the customer service representative you’ll talk to about your accessory prowess!