As you may know, there are a lot of types of juicers that have sprouted over time in the market. By that, we mean how these juicers work. Some work different from the other in terms of mechanism and the product it creates afterwards.

Masticating juicers are special because they work in a completely different platform. The juice extracting mechanism is done by the gears called augers. Augers extract healthy juices through a helical motion through the grooves of the augers. Some masticating juicers even have reverse modes in order to properly extract those most wanted juices.

While masticating juicers use augers, centrifugal juicers use blades in order to extract juices from the produce that are used. The blades make it possible to extract juice through a circular, one-directional motion. Most centrifugal juicer blades have 16, engraved blades on a circular plate that is installed in the interior body of the juicer. Powering up the device then turns that plate into a fast, rotating motion that separates the pulp from the juice.

Juicer Innovations – New Types of Blade
The juicing industry is on constant upgrade. As a result, new types of blades have also emerged from these upgrades.
• Vertical Auger – same function with a horizontal auger but with a vertical placement.
• Twin Gear or Triturating – uses two gears that interlock. The mechanism resembles that of a car’s transmission gear, where the gears squeeze and extract juice out of the produce.
• Champion Juicer – a classy type of juicer with the same power as a masticating juicer. Its mechanism is to soften or reduce by crushing or kneading.

• Citrus Juicer – not typically a blade with sharp edges, but the juicing mechanism of this type of juicer is to manually extract the juice by squeezing the produce against a blunt, dome-shaped projection. It is commonly used to extract juice from lemons and oranges. Recent innovations use the power of motor to extract juices without applying too much force on the produce.
• Wheatgrass Juicer – this type of juicer uses a special type of blade that can only be used to juice wheatgrass and other derivatives.

There are other special types of juicers in the market such as the Magic Bullet Juicer that uses Flat and Cross Blades to effectively juice out any type of produce. The Norwalk Press Juicer uses a revolving cutter in order to extract juice from the produce.

Some blades look the same, as they are used in one main purpose. While others do, others are designed differently as they have different jobs to do and to work upon.

It is relatively important to identify how certain blades work in order for you to know what the devices work for. Always keep in mind the desired product you want to achieve and pair it with a powerful device with a working blade, and you are all set! Just always make sure that proper handling and aftercare is managed by the end of the day arrives.