Juicer Parts: What You Ought to Know


It is important to identify specific parts of a machine in order to know how certain mechanisms work and function. At the same time, it is also important to identify these parts so that, in case something goes wrong, it will be a lot easier to identify which needs repair or replacement.

Among the types of juicers, certain parts can be found on both types while some are special and is only identified in one type. Let us discuss each part in detail per type.

Juicer Parts: Centrifugal Juicers


  •  Food Pusher

Self-explanatory, this part is located at the very top of the device that feeds food like fruits and vegetables into a chute where it is extracted of its juice.

  • Extra-Wide Feed Chute and Juicer Cover

Protects the actual blade that grinds and juices the produce into smaller form. Usually, the feed chute accommodates most of the produce once fed but others need simultaneous feeding. The juicer cover keeps dust and other foreign materials from coming into contact with the juicer.

  • Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Strainer Basket

Seeds and other micro-particles that are too small for the strainer basket is sifted through the micro-mesh.

  • Strainer Basket

This is where the big pulps are sifted in order for it not to come in contact with the juice.

  • Large Pulp Container

The “trash bin” where pulps are stored for disposal.

  • Juice Spout

Where the juice, sans big particles and pulp, is expelled and ready for consumption.

  • Motor Base

Where the machine for juicing is internally located. It is also where the control buttons and a locking latch, to keep the top parts secure while on the work, are found.

  • Additional accessories include the juice cup and a cleaning brush for some brands.

Juicer Parts: Masticating Juicers



  • Start Button
Powers up the chewing” mechanism of the machine.
  • Stop/Off Button
Turns the device off while on idle mode.
  • Reverse Button
To power up the machine in reverse, which extracts extra juice from the produce in return.
  • Locking Clamps
Keeps the parts secure.
  • Gear Connecting Zone
The junction in which the gears for juicing is attached to the power base. Juicing gears will be discussed in detail.
  • Power Indicator
Tells if the machine is ready for use.
  • Feeding Chute
Where the ingredients are put prior to juicing.
  • Main Power Switch
A mechanism separate from the Start button, it turns on the entire power to run the machine.
  • Power Cord and Power Cord Connector
  • Fuse Holder Box