If we actually put honest juicer reviews in here about what the best juicer in town there is, it would be too biased to drop a specific brand. However, as informative as we want to get, we have collected the metrics on how these brands were hailed as the best juicers.

In here, we discuss what the pointers to check upon when choosing the super juicer you want for your kitchen!

Factors to Consider when Buying a Juicer (By the Reviews)

Ease of Use

Of course, no one will want a juicer that takes more time assembling rather than actually doing the job of extraction. It is important that the choice will be made on a juicer that is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean all at the same time. Relatively, a juicer with more parts means more functions and work that can be done.

A juicer that has a larger feeding tube means there is no more worry of chopping down parts to smaller pieces to avoid clogging. A large disposal spout is also a good feature as clogging this part will also be not much of a concern.

When it comes to speed, it is important to identify the slower types, as they tend to extract more healthy juice than those which work really fast.


It is a no-brainer that juicers really are quite a fortune. Especially for beginners, the price of these machines can be a shocker, but the higher the price of the brand is, the more functions it can do. Do the logic, it also begets healthier results.

The price should not be a concern, because in the long run, choosing a cheap centrifugal juicer rather than a pricey masticating extractor yields more investment on produce over the maintenance of the machine. Since centrifugal juicers extract less juice, the price may be as equivalent as buying a pricey juicer in the first place.

Noise Level

If you bypass this important point, think again. Surely, anyone does not want to cause trouble through a noisy machine. Typically, the masticating juicers are the quietest machines out there. When bough, anyone can surely enjoy morning routines, without the hassle of waking up the entire neighborhood!


Choose a brand that is not too bulky and takes up too much of kitchen space. The size you choose should determine how much volume of juice is needed and how much space are you willing to devote for the machine.


Although most of the juicers in town come in with a manufacturer’s warranty, some do not and it is usually the cheaper brands that do not come in with a manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to check the presence of a warranty, so that if ever unnecessary things happen, your machines are protected.


When it comes to extracting leafy, green vegetables, the more powerful juicers can do the job. A minimum of 400 watts is needed in extracting juice from the leafy types of vegetables such as spinach. Relatively, higher power means healthier juice but may be heavier in electric cost.

Choose an extractor that does the job while not compromising household budget. Though experts may point out a specific brand on their juicer reviews, it is important to keep in mind what the purpose of buying these juicers are and why you need them.