Nutribullet vs. Other Juicers: Which Makes the Cut?

People have turned on the natural way of reducing body weight through the use of juicing and blending fruits and vegetables to extract juices that boost the body’s metabolism. In return, enhanced metabolism gets rid of body wastes and other toxins, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to extract fruit and vegetable juices, and with recent innovations, these ways have evolved from manual power to electrical means. With the constant rise of various brands, confusion has been posed to many as a result. One brand has stood out above everyone else – the Nutribullet – in terms of efficiency and quality of juice work. Although this is a supported fact to many, skeptical remarks continue to rise from some people. Let us set the record straight and identify what the Nutribullet has that makes the cut for some.

Advantages of the Nutribullet over Juicers

• The Nutribullet is relatively easier to clean, prepare and use. With only three major parts, you can create a healthy smoothie by putting the prepared fruits and vegetables inside the tall cup, attaching the blade to it and plugging the Power Base to a power source. • It is cheaper than Masticating Juicers. • You can mill fruits, nuts and other ingredients and turn them into powder form. It breaks down food into a smaller form that makes it easy to consume while taking it as a whole. • It includes all health benefits from the produce, including fibers that help you feel full and satiated for longer periods of time.

Disadvantages of the Nutribullet


• The Manufacturer’s Warranty is closed to a year. A 5-Year Warranty may be included, if you pay extra for it. For a device that is going to be used for a longer time, relative to its function, we think that this is off the hook and should be included on the package.

• Thick drinks are produced, depending on the fiber content of the produce used for the mixture.

• Stores vary from one store to another retailer.

Juicers, too, have a round of pros and cons that have been identified. Some advantages include extraction of enzymes and separates the pulp from the juice, taste is better than using the Nutribullet (water and after taste of the veggies). Also, since juicers only extract the juice, it is perfect to use them for ingredients like wheatgrass, wherein the body is not accustomed to consume fiber from these types of produce. Disadvantages of using juicers may have to include time consuming (since there are a lot of parts to assemble, disassembling the product is as equally as tedious), no fiber is included in the drinks. Fiber is the most important factor in keeping your stomach’s satiety. Since it is all fluid, juices tend to make you hungrier and more job has to be done to keep your hunger levels in check. Although the functions of both devices revolve in one discipline, clearly juicers and the Nutribullet are different in so many ways. Although juicers can give more healthy benefits, Nutribullet does the same job at a more convenient pace. This is why, many people choose the latter; it’s convenient, efficient and is easy. The Nutribullet may be the next big thing in kitchen revolution!