Our Top 10 Magic Bullet Recipes!!

With the invention of the blender, possibilities of making your perfect concoction are endless! Under this section is a compilation of the top 10 best uses of this handy, compact machine, complete with recipes!


  1. Making a Guacamole – make the perfect sauce for your tacos here.
  2. Blend Some Smoothies – start the day with a healthy and delicious drink.
  3. Chop your Onions Perfectly – want to achieve the perfect cubed onions? Use the Magic Blender in chopping them!
  4. Oh Hey, Sorbet! – make the perfect sorbet to keep your days cool.
  5. Make Some Salsa – upgrade your Mexican chip experience by making salsa using the blender.
  6. Grinding Coffee Beans – buzz up your day by making the perfect blend of coffee.
  7. Whip It! – whipped cream will never be as good as anything when made using the blender.
  8. Chicken Salad – make an instant chicken salad through the use of the speedy machine!
  9. Nice Cream – who said that blenders are only for drinks? Make some ice frozen banana nice cream!
  10. Pancake Batter – make the perfect mix for the perfect family breakfast, all in a snap!